Role Design

HRmonise Role Manager provides the end user with a powerful tool to accurately model the organisational roles.

HRmonise addresses human resource management programs in an integrated way…

  • Role Design
  • Role Sizing
  • Role evaluation using a modern and sensitive sizing system
  • Incorporation of performance management criteria into the role descriptions
  • Role descriptions that are comprehensive and can be updated
    • Objectives and outcomes
    • Performance measures and role expectations
    • Competencies
    • Attributes
    • Qualifications, statutory requirements, etc
  • Recruitment
  • Development

HRmonise creates a role description that incorporating performance criteria that quantifiably measures the individual roles’ contribution to the organisation…

  • What the role produces in outcome terms.
  • How we measure the standard of those outcomes, the performance measures.
  • What competencies are required to deliver the outcomes at the required standard.

HRmonise sizes and values the role determining the worth of the contribution to the organisation

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