A good manager strives to understand and manage their employees better.  HRmonise puts the tools and information into your hands to better manage and empower employees

Max Underhill

HRmonise facilitates human capital performance from the organisational expectations down to the individual employee contribution…

  • Manage employees in the structure
  • Determine the actual level of employee performance against pre-set targets
  • Manage the performance against targets, objectively and precisely
  • Determine performance reward percentages
  • Analyse development needs based on performance shortfalls
  • Track current and historic performance
  • Target training and development needs
  • Make informed decisions on talent management and succession planning

HRmonise focuses on ensuring that employees understand what they need to achieve, and at what level they need to achieve it through the use of outcomes, quantifiable performance measures (including targets and weightings) and by defining the competencies required to deliver the outcomes at the required level.

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