Frequently Asked Questions…

How do I search for role or employee in HRmonise?

HRmonise has a search feature that will help users find a role, employee or applicant.

  • Locate the HRmonsie search feature that is availalbe on the top right corner
  • Enter the role or employee name in the text box and select the search criteria
  • The role or employee you were searching for gets highlighted on the screen.

Why does it takes so long for HRmonise to load pages?

HRmonise have undergone some major updates to tackle this issue. The goal of the latest version of HRmonise is to make our product easier, faster and accessible. One of the main reason of having pages taking its time to load is because of the user’s internet speed. If your internet speed is slow, the HRmonise pages will also take time to load also hence this applies for all the applications that you access online.

Why does HRmonise sometimes take me to the Login page after I hit the save button?

This happens because the application expires. If you have the application open for several minutes, it expires thus taking you to the login page. Once the application expires it will not allow you to save any changes or data that you have and you might have to enter the same data one you login to the system again. To avoid this it is advised to save your work as you go on to entering the data at short time intervals, this is to prevent the application from expiring and this also ensures that all data entered is successfully saved.