A Board / CEO Tool

HRmonise is a unique, leading edge Human Capital Management system that provides the performance metrics to quantify the contribution of your people to the organisation. It Integrates business performance into human resource management to grow that Human Capital potential

An online management tool dedicated to value adding Human Capital management, HRmonise is…

  • A web-based software application
  • An integrated human capital asset management tool, supporting the business processes
  • A tool to align your people needs with the strategic direction
  • An online management tool dedicated to improving performance through your people; it includes role design, performance management, recruitment and assessment.

Empower your Managers with an Human Resource Management tool delivered directly to them…

  • Better informed decision making means better management of their people
  • Human capital managed in a professional and quantifiable way
  • Business performance integrated into the human resource management system

HRmonise is based on the Maxumise methodology [Maxumise Consulting Pty Limited]

HRmonise is leased exclusively through the Maxumise Group of Companies.

How will your Organisation Benefit?

HRmonise is an integrated HR management tool…

  • Model your current and future organisational structure requirements
  • Flexible performance framework to reflect the strategic goals
  • Easily design and review all roles in your organisation (Job Descriptions)
  • Quantify the contribution of each role to the organisation
  • Measure and manage employee performance
  • Recruit against the role requirements / specifications
  • Assess staff and tailor staff development to achieve your goals
  • Analyse talent and develop succession plans
  • Reduce risk through contingency planning

HRmonise is designed for…

  • Organisations that want to improve people management
  • Use in any business or industry structure
  • Organisations who want to strategically manage their human resources and organization structure
  • Organisations focussed on building and maintaining strategic internal growth throughout the company lifecycle
  • Organisations requiring a rigorous, defensible and objective recruitment process
  • Organisations needing a transparent and quantifiable method to measure their people performance

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